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About engagement rings

The production time for custom-made engagement rings typically falls within the range of 2 to 4 weeks.

Custom engagement rings require more time and attention than simply purchasing one from a shopping center. This process involves gathering information such as size, design, and choice of stone, designing the ring, finding the perfect gemstone, and finally crafting the ring.

The total time required can vary, influenced by factors including the intricacy of the design and the type of gemstones needed.

1. Budget

One of the most iconic legends originates from the 1940s ‘De Beers’ advertising campaign – ‘diamonds are forever,’ which suggested that an engagement ring should equate to 2-3 months’ salary. In reality, it’s not that straightforward.

Your ring budget should reflect your personal circumstances, income, and preferences. An engagement ring should symbolize love rather than being a financial burden.

To provide a cost perspective, Keefirivunts offers a wide price range for engagement rings, spanning from 500 to 15,000 euros, with the average ring price typically falling within the 1,000-2,000 euro range.

2. Engagement Ring Size

When it comes to determining the size of an engagement ring, there are multiple options:
1.Simply Ask: If you believe your partner is open to discussing the topic, don’t hesitate to ask their ring size.
2.Measure Existing Rings: If your partner already wears rings, you can have these measured at a jewelry store to gauge the appropriate size.
3.Consult a Friend or Family Member: Your partner may have shared their ring size with a friend or family member, or they might have made a previous purchase with a known size.
4.Try Rings Together: Exploring rings together in a jewelry store can be a delightful way to discover the perfect fit.
Finding the correct ring size is essential to ensure that the engagement ring is a perfect fit, reflecting the love and commitment it represents.

3. Materials

Gold 585, White Gold 585, or Silver 925

Gold 585 – The gold we work with has a subtle rosy hue, avoiding the use of yellow gold, which is more prevalent in the United States than in Europe.

White Gold 585 – All jewelry crafted from white gold is rhodium-plated to achieve its final lustrous brilliance. In its pure form, white gold may have a slight yellowish tinge.

This information provides insights into various precious metals for crafting engagement rings, helping you make informed choices for your special piece.

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4. Gemstones

What color, what size, and how many?

Gemstones come in a wide spectrum of colors, representing virtually every hue. This is why many people prefer colored gemstones over the classic diamond for their engagement ring. The choice of color adds a touch of uniqueness and personalization. Additionally, each gemstone carries its own distinct meaning, allowing for a thoughtful selection.

However, if you’re torn between choosing a diamond or moissanite for your engagement ring, the answer is straightforward. Moissanite offers a more sustainable and ethical alternative to diamonds. It is also notably more cost-effective and often exhibits superior qualities compared to diamonds. An intermediate option is lab-grown diamonds.

Keefirivunts OÜ offers a diverse global selection of both natural and lab-grown diamonds. All diamonds in our collection are certified by IGI, GIA, or HRD Antwerp.

This information provides insights into the variety of gemstone choices, highlighting the advantages of different options, especially moissanite, as a sustainable and budget-friendly alternative to diamonds for your ideal engagement ring.

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5. Engagement Ring Designs

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