From tattooist to fine jewelry artist


My name is Rauno Oidram, but friends call me Vunts. I am the founder and creative force behind Keefirivunts, I am dedicated to creating luxury and uniqueness in jewelry. My journey to be a jewelry artist has been a long and passionate one, ranging from blacksmithing and stone carving to tattooing and finally jewelry design.

I started my career as a tattoo artist, where I gained recognition for my ability to create sharp details and clean styles, especially in portraits and realism. My interest in jewelry was sparked by the desire to find a unique and high quality skull ring. When I couldn't find the right ring, I decided to create something myself. This first ring laid the foundations for the Keefirivunts artisan jewelry.

We believe that luxury should be about meaning and quality. That's why each Keefirivunts piece of jewelry is carefully crafted to ensure exceptional quality and personality. Our aim is to create jewelry that tells stories and lasts through the ages, taking on the value of a family heritage. All our jewelry is made from the highest quality and ethically sourced precious metals such as Silver 925, Gold 585 and White Gold 585.

From 2022, Keefirivunts separated from the silver jewelry and started a separate jewelry & lifestyle brand called Gold of Saints. Created for those who don't settle for mediocrity - for the true character who appreciates both adrenaline and art in life. Gold of Saints isn't just a jewelry brand, it's a brand ignited by a passion for tattoos, motorcycle culture and jewelry.


Our mission is to create jewelry that is not just the adornment of the moment, but a family heirloom, passed down from generation to generation. It's a family story and a legacy that moves through time like a treasured work of art.


100% Recycled Materials

Keefirivunts OÜ is committed to ensuring that every piece of jewelry we give back to the world is made from 100% recycled materials. This is an important step in the effort to make jewelry more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Recycled silver and gold is an amazing resource. These metals don't lose quality when they are recycled, meaning you can enjoy luxury jewelry knowing that there is no significant environmental impact.

"Did you know that the production of an average gold ring generates 20 tonnes of mining residues, including cyanide and mercury. These chemicals can cause rampant pollution, damaging water bodies and affecting ecosystems."

Each piece made by Keefirivunts has a significantly lower environmental impact. By prioritising the production of precious metals that have returned to circulation, high standards and reliable suppliers, it is around 300 times more environmentally friendly than primary production.

Silver 925All of the silver left over from our production process is collected and sent to Finland, where it is refined and turned into silver sheets that are later used to make tableware.

Gold 585 and 750All the gold used in our production processes is recycled here in Estonia, where it is refined, adding 40% of the already refined gold from Norway.

The recycled silver and copper comes from Germany or Finland, ensuring the quality and traceability of these materials.

All so you can wear your favourite jewelry without sacrificing the environment and the quality of the jewelry.

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