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Wolf & Oak ring

It’s nice to see you’re reading my Craftsman’s Diary and here’s a little story about my first custom order, the first time I used someone else’s idea and vision. I added some of my own ideas and “BOOM” it was done!

Ok ok.. the “BOOM” part wasn’t so easy at all.

Usually I just sit in my studio and wonder around hours and hours when I finally get an idea and start playing around with different shapes and styles. With this custom piece I had two details I already knew I had to use – oak & wolf. Oak leaf is actually a fantastic shape and it’s quite easy to transfer it to the ring model but the wolf part wasn’t easy at all. Basically my idea was to have the wolf in the middle and oak leaves on both sides.

And then came the wolf. That hairy bastard with the long ears and even longer nose that I had to add on the ring. My client wanted a ring that he can wear every day so it had to be comfortable. I decided to use a side view of the wolf but it took me to another obstacle. To be comfortable for everyday use the ring can’t be wide but if it’s not wide then the roundness of the ring totally messes up the wolfs face. I have always been a huge cameo fan it gave me a new idea. I researched different cameo techniques and finally found a solution to my problem.

[mkd_section_title position=”center” text_font_weight=”” text=”Really enjoyed my journey with this awesome piece of jewelry. Modelling took about 2 days, 3 different but similar types of wolves. Together with casting and finishing approx one and a half weeks. Now it’s time to say “BOOM“ it’s done!”]
[mkd_blockquote text=”The first time I became aware of Keefirivunts was on Instagram. I immediately noticed the skillfully made tattoos. Time passed and one day I saw that he had started making rings and they looked great. By that time I had already spent ages on looking for an interesting and unique ring for myself. My goal was to find something that symbolises my last name Tamme (oak). Symbolism has played a major role in my family, especially for my grandfather. Our family has gotten smaller over the years and I felt like it was all starting to disappear. I really wanted a ring to symbolise my family so I could eventually pass it on. I had a rough idea of how I wanted the custom ring to look like. The finished piece I finally received exceeded my expectations completely. I am extremely happy with it and the unique design and certain meaning definitely make it special for me.” author=”Best Regards, Tauri Tamme”]

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