“Vanaema” tattoo

It was years ago when I first found this awesome picture of my grandma. I really like the hairstyle and lighting of this photo.

Years passed and then… covid ..I had just finished my studio refreshing, new floor, painted walls etc. So I decided to tattoo myself but the process was a bit tricky.

  1. I had to tattoo it upside down.
  2. I wanted to make it as big as possible so the pain will hit after 3 hours and I wanted to get it done in one ses. Endorphins will last 2-3 hours, after that it will be raw pain.
  3. The photo was a bit blurry and didn’t have as many details I would usually ask.

So I added some sharp details to the eyes, nose and lips. Planned out how much details I would do to get it done within 3-4hours. Aaand yeah if I look it it’s upside down. Can’t take my leg off.

Here it is. And thank you for watching!

Final reveal to my grandma is also included.

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