Congratulations! You have decided that she is the one. Now, how do you sweep her off her feet and give her the proposal that she’s been waiting for? Many guys try to make it a surprise — it’s romantic and thoughtful and adds to the magic of the big moment. However, there are practical implications. Will she like the ring? Will the ring fit her? She will absolutely want to wear it right away.

Royal watchers were shocked by Princess Diana’s choice of engagement ring. The woman who could have any ring in the world custom-made to suit her taste chose a readymade ring. A 12-carat oval sapphire surrounded by 14 diamonds and set in white gold.

But the People’s Princess loved this blue sapphire ring so much that she continued to wear it even after her divorce from Prince Charles.

After Princess Diana’s tragic death in 1997, her two young sons–Princes William and Harry–were each allowed to choose a piece of their mother’s jewelry as a remembrance. Prince William chose a Cartier watch. Harry chose the blue sapphire engagement ring.

Fast forward to 2010, when Prince William delighted the world by asking the gorgeous Kate Middleton to be his wife and perhaps the future Queen of England. In a moving tribute to their mother, the princes agreed that Kate should wear the ring.

The Meaning Of Blue Sapphires

Like Princess Diana herself, a blue sapphire is striking and compelling. You can easily lose yourself in its blue depths. The ancient Persians believed the Earth was mounted on a blue sapphire and that its color was reflected in the sky. The sapphire symbolizes loyalty, faithfulness and trust, making it the perfect symbol of a couple’s love.

Beyond its royal connotations, a blue sapphire engagement ring presents a timeless yet unconventional choice. It’s also a sturdy gemstone: On the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, a sapphire scores a 9. (Diamonds are rated a 10.)

Remember: The first question you’ll get after you announce your engagement is, “Can I see the ring?”–and this ring will be your constant accessory, whether you’re wearing blue jeans or a cocktail dress. Choose a sapphire engagement ring to tell the world that you and your relationship are one–of–a–kind.

It was traditional to use diamonds as engagement rings, but not all are lovers of these stones. They are usually more expensive than most gems and extraction is more aggressive with the environment. A great alternative are sapphire engagement rings, as they are available in almost all colors and is tough enough for engagement rings, plus they have a more affordable price.

Different colors

Another reason that sapphires are a good option is for its variety of colors. One might think that only come in dark blue, but come in various colors like pink, purple, yellow, orange and green, as well as different shades. If you love diamonds, white sapphires exist that may look exactly the same. No need to spend much money on an engagement ring made ​​with diamonds, when high quality white sapphires that will provide the same effect.

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