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Levin Pendant


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“Levin” or also known as “lighting bolt”, “thunderbolt” earrings! The bolt of lightning or levin is a traditional symbol of sudden illumination and the destruction of ignorance

Without chain!

Materials: Sterling Silver .925, hand polished for the perfectly aged, raw look.

Every piece of jewelry is hallmarked according to the material. I only use ethically source and high quality precious metals like silver .925, gold .585 & .750.

Please allow up to 13 to 21 business days for the jewelry to be made.


Every piece is made to order so I don’t accept returns, unless You received a wrong or damaged item.

All designs, products and photos may not be copied, reproduced or sold without the written consent of Keefirivunts OÜ.

COVID-19: Delivery may be delayed due to the COVID-19 virus. In most cases, the delivery is completed within 1 to 2 weeks, but depending on the circumstances of each country, it may take more than a month to deliver.

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Levin Pendant