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Forged for Life – 5mm


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Forged For Life

Because that’s how strong a bond between two lovers should be! The idea behind this ring was to create something that shows the true essence of a marriage. It’s not always sunshine and smooth sailing. More than often it’s surviving a storm together and being each others rock to hold onto. Just like every relationship is different, no two rings are alike. The Forged For Life ring is rustic and honest. A truly authentic product created by a goldsmith. A ring with a soul.

All jewelry is handcrafted, any irregularities and imperfections are a guarantee of authenticity.

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Wedding ring 5mm wide. Materials available: Gold 585 (14K), White Gold 585 (14K).

Rings are handcrafted, every piece is unique and handpolished for the perfectly raw look.

Every piece of jewelry is hallmarked according to the material. I only use ethically source and high quality precious metals like silver .925, gold .585 & .750.

All sizes are custom made – simply select your size. Check my ring sizing guide here.

Please allow up to 14 to 28 business days for the jewelry to be made.


Please take the time to check your exact ring size at a local jewelry shop before placing your order. Every piece is made to order so I don’t accept returns, unless You received a wrong or damaged item.

All designs, products and photos may not be copied, reproduced or sold without the written consent of Keefirivunts OÜ.

COVID-19: Delivery may be delayed due to the COVID-19 virus. In most cases, the delivery is completed within 1 to 2 weeks, but depending on the circumstances of each country, it may take more than a month to deliver.




14.88mm – 4 US, 15.29mm – 4.5 US, 15.7mm – 5 US, 16.1mm – 5.5 US, 16.51mm – 6 US, 16.92mm – 6.5 US, 17.32mm – 7 US, 17.73mm – 7.5 US, 18.14mm – 8 US, 18.54mm – 8.5 US, 18.95mm – 9 US, 19.35mm – 9.5 US, 19.76mm – 10 US, 20.17mm – 10.5 US, 20.57mm – 11 US, 20.98mm – 11.5 US, 21.39mm – 12 US, 21.79mm – 12.5 US, 22.2mm – 13 US, 22.61mm – 13.5 US, 23mm – 14 US, 23.42mm – 14.5 US, 23.83mm – 15 US, 24.23mm – 15.5 US, 24.64mm – 16 US

Reviews (7)

  1. Perfect

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    Mariliis P. (verified owner)

  2. Saime kiirelt kätte ja sõrmused sobivad :)

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    Triin Tohver (verified owner)

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Forged for Life - 5mm


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