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Bearded Biker


When two become one… Bearded Biker is a fusion of two popular rings Biker Madness and Bearded Biker. But why you may ask? Well why the hell not I say! Is a biker without a decent beard even a biker? This ring features a skull with a full beard and a moustache. Both groomed better than most of us probably could.

Fun fact: Nobody thought to eat chicken wings before the invention of buffalo wings in 1964. They were largely considered the worst parts a chicken could have, and were mostly used as stock for soup or outright discarded.

God bless you, Guy in 1964 who thought of buffalo wings!



Material: 925 Silver, oxidized and hand polished for the perfectly aged, raw look.

All sizes are custom and exclusively made – simply select your size
Please take the time to check your exact ring size at a local jewelry shop before placing your order.

Additional information


14.88mm – 4 US, 15.29mm – 4.5 US, 15.7mm – 5 US, 16.1mm – 5.5 US, 16.51mm – 6 US, 16.92mm – 6.5 US, 17.32mm – 7 US, 17.73mm – 7.5 US, 18.14mm – 8 US, 18.54mm – 8.5 US, 18.95mm – 9 US, 19.35mm – 9.5 US, 19.76mm – 10 US, 20.17mm – 10.5 US, 20.57mm – 11 US, 20.98mm – 11.5 US, 21.39mm – 12 US, 21.79mm – 12.5 US, 22.2mm – 13 US, 22.61mm – 13.5 US, 23.42mm – 14.5 US, 23.83mm – 15 US, 23mm – 14 US, 24.23mm – 15.5 US, 24.64mm – 16 US


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