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Bearded Bastard


Say hello to my furry friend – the Bearded Bastard ring. It features a skull with a full beard and a moustache. Both groomed better than most of us probably could. You will never see me leaving the house without this bad boy on my finger. Would totally work as an engagement ring to your special furry friend. Or not.

Fun fact: Beard transplant operations increased by 600% between 2008 and 2013 because beards suddenly became more popular. Luckily I’ve been blessed with an awesome beard so you won’t see me standing in line to get a transplant. If yours is not that great then you should first consider investing your money in this ring. For sure.



Material: 925 Silver, oxidized and hand polished for the perfectly aged, raw look.

All sizes are custom and exclusively made – simply select your size
Please take the time to check your exact ring size at a local jewelry shop before placing your order.

Additional information


14.88mm – 4 US, 15.29mm – 4.5 US, 15.7mm – 5 US, 16.1mm – 5.5 US, 16.51mm – 6 US, 16.92mm – 6.5 US, 17.32mm – 7 US, 17.73mm – 7.5 US, 18.14mm – 8 US, 18.54mm – 8.5 US, 18.95mm – 9 US, 19.35mm – 9.5 US, 19.76mm – 10 US, 20.17mm – 10.5 US, 20.57mm – 11 US, 20.98mm – 11.5 US, 21.39mm – 12 US, 21.79mm – 12.5 US, 22.2mm – 13 US, 22.61mm – 13.5 US, 23.42mm – 14.5 US, 23.83mm – 15 US, 23mm – 14 US, 24.23mm – 15.5 US, 24.64mm – 16 US


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