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WAG WAN – Julian Marley, MiyaGi & Эндшпиль

“About month ago I was chilling around at some Estonian themed fair and then.. and then my mind gets blown away!”

(first of all – my eyes are red because of the warm weather & beer)

This summer was crazy but I didn’t have any ideas and time to write something here. I’m not a blogger just an artist but the best marketing is content and I’ll try my best.

I searched my earlier post about Ralph Echemendia but it seems to be lost in the world wide web. Anyway..

Just a random day, cruising around with my Mercury Comet 1964 and we decided do go to Estonian themed fair at Saue and then.. and then my mind gets blown away! Not because of the fair!


“For me as a small craftsman from Estonia doing something I love is almost enough but sometimes life treats you well!”

One buddy who has always treated me well is Ralph Echemendia. Who is this guy?! Because I don’t have that blog post anymore I’ll try to make a short introduction. Ralph Echemendia also know as The Ethical Hacker is a cyber security specialist who has worked with movies like “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn”, “Nerve”, “Snowden”, he created a secure online ticketing system for the Marley family and also investigated the early online leak of an Eminem album. Read more:

Also check out his Seguru app and what it’s for:

Ok back to the fair. I’m getting lost with my writing!

Ralph wrote to me that he wants a Biggie ring for his daughter Hennessy and also would I be interested in WAGWAN tickets and meeting up with Bob Marley-s son Julian and also MIYAGI & ЭНДШПИЛЬ guys… (meanwhile in my brain: “WAIT WHAT?!?!” and can I make a Lion ring for Julian Marley



Long story short – Fuck yeah I would love to meet them and craft some rings for them also. Then started my battle with my Mercury (car). This old lady just keeps dying on the road and I can’t get to the places I need to be. Finally everything worked out and we met with Julian and MiyaGi guys.. took some ring measures and enjoyed Wednesday “FAMJAM” event at La Grotta restaurant – piano bar.

RANDOM FACT: Ralph did some crazy marketing over there because I didn’t know anyone but everyone knew “the ring guy” – amazing! Thank you man!

WAG WAN – (Jamaica, MLE) Greeting equivalent to “what’s up” or “what’s happening”.

So its finally weekend, rings ready, mood is good and off to “Wag Wan” at Saku Suurhall. Met the guys again and delivered the rings to backstage. Everything was perfect, everybody waited for one certain song MiyaGi & Эндшпиль – “I Got Love” and they got it twice! So honoured to see my rings rockin’ on stage!

I finished this story way too fast and loss of details but it’s better than nothing.

Huge thanks for all the guys who made it happen! Was awesome!

Ralph Echemendia


Julian Marley




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