How it all started?

I’m sure you’re all just dying to know how it all started for me so here goes… very first one ..

I had been fantasizing about a cool and special ring for a long time. It took me a few years of browsing the web and visiting different shops only to discover absolutely nothing. Nada. Zero cool rings to suit my exquisite taste.

Most of the stuff available is mass produced and that’s not what I would want to wear and everything unique enough has an outrageous price tag attached to it.

Fast forward to May 2016. I spent the night at my new girlfriend’s house. Since it was kind of fresh I felt the need to prove myself. She drove me to work in the morning when I suddenly decided that I should do a quick stop at an arts and crafts store near by to buy stuff to make sculptures. I bought some Super Sculpey polymer clay, a few tools and a wooden hand.

[mkd_section_title position=”left” text_font_weight=”” text=”My life hasn’t been the same since that day.” text_color=”#080808″ text_font_size=”30″ text_line_height=”50px” text_margin=”40px”]

I went to my studio, did a ton of research and started messing around with the clay. I’m a pretty artsy guy so it didn’t take me too long to come up with my first ring – #1. My very first piece of jewelry. Who would have thought?!
I uploaded a photo of my new baby to Instagram and couldn’t believe the feedback I received. It was definitely not what I had anticipated since the ring was just a rough piece of polymer not the final product.

This was definitely the push I needed to make sure I complete what I had started.

I used to study blacksmithing in school and trained in Tauno Kangro-s bronze studio so I have the basic know-how of the process, but they used to make large sculptures that weigh tons. Casting a silver ring requires tools, precision and an eye to detail so I had to find someone to do this for me. I contacted about 10 guys to find someone who would make a mold, melt silver and pour it into a ring for me.

[mkd_blockquote text=”One took the bait and about a month later I received my first four rings.”]

They didn’t look like much at first because they still had some plaster residue on them and they were rough from sandblasting but hey – they we’re mine. It’s like when a baby is born. It doesn’t look like much at first. Something only a mother can love. But when you clean it up and polish it, it becomes something spectacular. The same thing happened to my rings. I learned how to clean, polish and stain them and voila!

Boy was that a feeling!

I had a dream about creating something that other people would want to wear and it just came true. They sold out instantly so I ordered a new batch, made a bigger model – #2 and started creating a new design. I wear my very first ring on my finger with pride every day. I know it’s not perfect but what or who is?

[mkd_blockquote text=”Every flaw it has makes it perfect for me!”]

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