Engagement Ring: Price Range and Meaning


The price of a engagement ring should always be a personal decision, reflecting deep love, desires and financial means. An engagement ring is much more than a gemstone and metal - it is a gift from the heart and a lifetime commitment.

One of the most famous legends that has come out of the 40's "De Beers" advertising campaign "diamonds are forever" which stressed that an engagement ring should be budgeted for 2-3 months salary. This is certainly not a rule that should be followed. Rather, an engagement ring should fit your budget and lifestyle.

The price of an engagement ring can vary widely and depends on many factors, including its design, the materials used and the stones. Our aim is to help you find the engagement ring that fits your dreams and stays within your comfort zone.

When it comes to price range, Keefirivunts engagement rings today range from 500€ to 15,000€. The average engagement ring price is usually around 1000-2000€. But ultimately, it is important to remember that an engagement ring should still be a symbol of love, not a black hole in your bank account.

So don't be limited by specific numbers, but find an engagement ring that expresses your true love and meaning, and that fits your personal budget.

The Eternal Question


The size of the engagement ring is often the biggest question and obstacle that can arise when buying an engagement ring. Getting the size of the ring finger wrong is quite common. For most designs, resizing is perfectly possible. So don't worry too much about sizing - it's all about love and the moment of engagement, the rest can always be adjusted for the perfect fit.

There are a number of ways to determine the size of the ring finger:
  1. Just ask: If you think your partner is open to talking about an engagement ring, just ask what size they wear.
  2. Measure old rings: if your partner already wears rings, you can have them measured in a jewelry shop to get an idea of what size to buy.
  3. Ask a friend or family member: It is possible that your partner has shared ring size information with a friend or family member, or they may know the size from a previous purchase.
  4. Go try on rings together: one practical way is to go to a jewelry shop together and try on different sizes of rings to see which one fits best. This allows you to make sure that the size you choose is accurate and fits comfortably.
Using these methods, you can determine the correct size of the engagement ring, ensuring that it fits perfectly on your partner's finger.

Using these methods, you can determine the correct size of the engagement ring, ensuring that it fits perfectly on your partner's finger.

Gold & White Gold


Gold 585, White Gold 585 or Silver 925Gold 585 - The gold we use is slightly pinkish or rose gold like. We don't use yellow gold. Yellow gold is more used in the US and not so much in Europe.White Gold 585 - All jewellery made from white gold is rhodium plated to give white pure shine. White gold in its pure form is slightly yellowish.

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What colour, how big and how much?


There are so many different types of gemstones that practically every colour is represented. For this reason, many people have chosen coloured gemstones instead of the classic diamond. Colour is a good way to add a special touch or personality. Different gemstones also have different meanings, so it's also possible to create something from it.

However, if the choice is between Diamond and Moissanite, the answer is quite simple. Moissanite offers a more sustainable and ethical alternative to diamonds. In addition, moissanite is much cheaper and has better properties than diamond. An intermediate option is a lab-grown diamond.

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C5292B4A B3D0 436B B2CD 53BABFD59C2E - Keefirivunts Kihlasõrmused & Abielusõrmused IGI

The quality and authenticity of diamonds are crucial in creating a piece of jewelry that embodies true meaning and value. Therefore, all the diamonds in our collection, including lab-grown diamonds, have been certified by the most prestigious laboratories in the diamond industry – the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), HRD Antwerp, or the International Gemological Institute (IGI).

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