“Crafted for Life”

My name is Rauno Oidram, friends call me “Vunts,” and so can you. The “Keefirivunts” brand started its journey back in 2010 when I began as a tattoo artist. In 2016, I felt it was time to try something new. Having graduated from a blacksmithing school in 2008, I had the knowledge of working with different metals, and one day I found myself thinking about crafting jewelry. Today, I have my own jewelry business.

200+ Engagement Rings – “YES”

… and still no “NO”!

Over 7 years of experience, and the end is not in sight yet!

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Did you know that the production of an average gold ring generates 20 tons of mining waste?

Keefirivunts strives for ethical and environmentally-friendly production. We’ve always been inspired by the delicate nature of the environment and aim not to harm it. Urbanization and climate change have brought about an understanding that we must preserve and respect nature. Additionally, we endeavor to keep our packaging minimalist.

100% Recycled Metals

Keefirivunts is committed to ensuring that every piece of jewelry we give back to the world is made from 100% recycled materials. This is a crucial step in our efforts to make the art of jewelry more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Recycled silver and gold are remarkable resources. These metals don’t lose quality when recycled, which means you can enjoy luxurious jewelry knowing that it didn’t come with a significant environmental impact.

Mining operations can be destructive to both nature and the communities where mines are located. Recycled gold and silver help reduce the environmental impact of mining.

This reflects a strong commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility in the jewelry-making process.

An acquisition and production initiative that truly makes an impact.

Every piece of jewelry crafted by Keefirivunts has a significantly lower environmental impact. By prioritizing the use of recycled precious metals, sourced from high standards and reputable suppliers, it is about 300 times more environmentally friendly than primary production.

Silver 925
All the leftover silver from our production process is collected and sent to Finland, where it is refined and turned into silver sheets used for making tableware.

Gold 585 and 750
All the gold used in our production processes is recycled here in Estonia, where it’s refined and blended with 40% already refined gold sourced from Norway.

Recycled silver and copper come from Germany or Finland, ensuring the quality and traceability of these materials.

All to ensure that you can wear your favorite jewelry without sacrificing the environment or the quality of the pieces.