My journey to Lennart Meri Portrait Ring

Approximately 2 years ago I had an awesome customer Priit with an even more awesome idea of getting a portrait tattoo of one of Estonias presidents Lennart Georg Meri. And it went viral! I mean crazy viral.

Here’s a work in progress and its result:

Lennart Meri Portrait TattooLennart Meri Portrait Tattoo


So a few years later, as you know I’m making jewelry, an idea started haunting me. Since Estonia will celebrate its 100th anniversary on February 28th 2018, I thought I should create a custom ring to honor the long way we have come to get to this point. It didn’t take long until I came up with the “Lennart Meri Portrait Ring”. 

Let me introduce this legendary guy to you. Lennart Meri (29 March 1929 – 14 March 2006) was an Estonian politician, writer, film director and statesman who served as the second President of Estonia from 1992 to 2001. Meri was among leaders of the movement to restore Estonian independence from the Soviet Union. He is still the most loved President in our history.

His most well known quote is "The situation is shit but it is fertilizer for our future". Can't argue with that. In 2009 Tallinn Airport was renamed Lennart Meri Tallinn International Airport. That's how legendary that guy was!

Now that I had a rough plan, a huge BUT arose. "But how the hell will I manage to put an entire face on a small piece of polymer clay with enough details so it would be recognisable after casting to silver?" Since the final product will be shiny it will lose a lot of its depth and details.

The answer was hours and hours and hours plus some super rare exquisite tools like toothpicks, needle, tooltips cut out from a credit card etc. 

I managed to carve out his face in 2 days and for the first model I also made him wear glasses (that my customer #nonames -> Petra! destroyed) like Mr. Meri always did. But it didn’t look like a finished piece of art or jewelry so I started to create some atmosphere or background to it. I decided to go with oak leaves and acorns since oak is the national tree of Estonia. I think they came out pretty nice. It definitely brings the ring together.

Lennart Meri Portrait RingLennart Meri Portrait Ring 

Now the ring is finally ready so let me introduce you my latest creation - Lennart Meri Portrait Ring.

What do you think about this piece and who should I do next? 

Also sharing is caring! ;)

Lennart Meri Portrait RingLennart Meri Portrait Ring

As I’m writing this my cat looks at me way too seriously 😐 

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