So while I was creating my first masterpiece I got an idea for my next ring. I thought I should make something a biker would wear. I did some research and browsed Estonian biker forums to see if I’d have any potential customers here.

Bikers tend to live up to the cliché of wearing sweaty leather and bold jewelry is just the icing on the cake..

As I’m a motorcycle enthusiast myself and have many friends who share my passion for riding I concluded that there is a market for biker rings in Estonia.

Why just Estonia?

Because at first I didn’t think about going global with my jewelry.

A few weeks later I received my second babies from casting. Again they still had some plaster residue on them and were rough from sandblasting but this just makes it more fun for me. After cleaning, aging and polishing them I shipped them out.

Boy were the customers happy.

Who would have thought the “Biker Madness” ring is still one of the most popular ones?

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