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My name is Rauno Oidram, my friends call me “Vunts” and so can You. The brand “Keefirivunts” started back in 2010 when I started as a tattoo artist. In 2016 I felt a need to start something new and as I had graduated a blacksmithing school in 2008 I had knowledge about crafting different metals. So one day I found myself thinking about crafting jewelry. Today I have my own jewelry business.

100+ Engagement rings  “YES“es”

… and still zero “NO”-s!

Over 7 years of experience and doesn’t feel like stopping here!

The manufacture of an average gold ring creates more than 20 tons of mining waste.

Keefirivunts strives for ethical and environmentally friendly production. We have always been inspired by the fragile way of nature and not harming it. Urbanization and climate change has brought people to the realisation that we must cherish and honour the limit of nature. We also aim to keep our packaging minimal. 

100% recycled materials

Keefirivunts have made sure that every piece of beauty we are giving back to the world is made 100% from recycled materials.

Recycled silver and gold is an amazing resource, able to be recycled without diminishing in quality and without creating any enviromental decay.

Sourcing and give-back initiatives that truly have an impact

Every piece of jewelry made by Keefirivunts has a considerably lower environmental impact. Favouring precious metals in production, which have been repossessed in a facility with high standards and reliable origin of the material, is about 300 times better than primary production.

Silver 925

All of our scrap silver from the casting and finishing process is collected and sent to Finland where it will be refined and made to sheets that will be used to make tableware.

Gold 585 and 750

100% of our scrap gold is reused here in Estonia where it will be refine by adding 40% of already refined gold that is sourced from Norway.

Recycled Silver and Copper is sourced from Germany or Finland.

This is all so you could wear your favourite pieces without making any sacrifices to earth or to the quality of the jewelry.

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